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How to Set Up Belkin Router

Belkin routers are an excellent resource for connecting your home network to the Internet. It seems difficult to set up a Belkin router, but it isn't.

Use the Exact Same Steps Given in this article to set up All series & Models of Belkin Home Routers.

For this, you need a couple of things
1. A wireless Belkin router
2. Modem
3. Router and modem power cable
4. Ethernet cable
5. Computer

Note —-

a. The Steps are Same for the new and old router Just make sure to reset your old Belkin router Before setup.
b. For the first time using the Router Will Guide You itself on each step.

Let's read exactly how to do this:-
Power set up to router and modem.
1. Connect the Ethernet cable from the modem to the Internet port of the router.
2. Plug in the modem and router to the power source.
3. Connect the computer to one of the Ethernet ports of the router.
4. Turn on your modem and wait 10 seconds. Plug in your router and restart your computer.

Connect to the internet by Dashboard

1. Open your favorite web browser and type and press enter.

2. Belkin Dashboard will come up.

3. Now Go to Setup Your Username(SSID) & Password (Network Key).

Under Security Type Please select WPA2-PSK

4. Wait while the router applies the settings.
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When it’s done you have successfully setup your Belkin router.

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